Consulting Services: Add Voice to Your Product

Custom Devices

  • create new flows in the conversation without updating your NLU model
  • by generating new trees. For use with Microsoft Luis, Amazon Alexa et al

Alexa Voice Services (AVS)

  • launch a conversation with Alexa
  • control your device
  • the skill takes your words and converts the words into action for the device

Hardware Prerequisites

  • microphone
  • speaker
  • internet connection

Software Prerequisites

  • how will your customer use your product?
    • remote or hands free interaction 10 or 15 feet away or even in a noisy room?
    • audio front end, noise reduction algorithms
  • how will customers wake your device? (false wakeword detection)
    • Wake word engine
  • how will you manage events?
    • AVS Device SDK
    • IoT Device SDK
    • FFS SDK
  • How will you indicate whether or not the device is listening and ready to accept commands?

AVS Device SDK

  • AVS Device SDK
    • send JSON back and forth between your product and the cloud
    • responses with words or actions
    • parsing libraries

Other SDKs

  • IoT Core
  • FFS