Consulting Services: Add Voice to Your Product

Custom Devices

  • create new flows in the conversation without updating your NLU model
  • by generating new trees. For use with Microsoft Luis, Amazon Alexa et al

Google Assistant

  • The SDK lets you build projects quickly by embedding the Google Assistant and then letting you add unique functionality with Actions on Google:
  1. Build your project using the gRPC APIs.
  2. Get ideas for next steps to customize it.
  3. Polish your project by reading best practices for privacy and security and audio configuration.

Hardware Prerequisites

  • microphone
  • speaker
  • internet connection

Software Prerequisites

  • how will your customer use your product?
    • remote or hands free interaction 10 or 15 feet away or even in a noisy room?
    • audio front end, noise reduction algorithms
  • how will customers wake your device? (false wakeword detection)
    • Wake word engine
  • how will you manage events?
  • how will you indicate whether or not the device is listening and ready to accept commands?