Charity Be Sure

What problem does charity be sure solve?

The public is concerned that the money they donate to charities is not spent wisely. The news highlights these misuses of funds. As a result, people donate less.

Who will use charity be sure?

Charitable organisations will subscribe to the service via a marketplace, such as AWS Marketplace. They will direct their current and potential donors to the site. Donors can log in to the site and view the charity's spend via a dashboard.

What do users see on the dashboard?

  • an interactive map that shows points A to B1, B2, B3, etc
  • Point A represents the charity's bank account
  • Points B1, B2, B3, etc represent the recipients
  • users can click on a final destination point to get more information about the transaction.
  • the information includes the name of the recipient

Where do you get your data?

Charities upload their financial data and donors gain an overview of how and where their donations are spent.

How do you try to ensure the data is correct?

We rely on Open Banking data. Regulated third party providers can now access information and initiate payments for customers, by connecting to account providers (such as banks, building societies and payment companies) – securely, efficiently, and with customer consent.