eWaste Chatbots for maintenance staff

Chatbots explain how to classify the electronic waste your business consumes and discards before it is collected, disposed of or recovered in order to

  • identify the controls that apply to the movement of the waste,
  • complete waste documents and records,
  • identify suitably authorised waste management options, and
  • prevent harm to people and the environment.

eWaste Chatbots for staff employees

Chatbots explain how to reduce, reuse, recycle, and reevaluate their corporate ewaste, for example:

  • explain company ewaste policies,
  • celebrate meeting sustainability targets,
  • recommend local charities for reuse,
  • encourage part time employees to share equipment, and
  • determine what each electronic device is being used for in the workplace, and what can be done to preserve its lifespan.

eWaste Chatbots for the public

Electronic Advisor helps people all over the world:

  • repair, recycle, reuse or sell their abandoned electronics
  • find their closest recycling point,
  • compare offline and online repair options,
  • communicate their experience with the product,
  • purchase new equipment, and save the planet!