Employ best practices for your abandoned electronic item(s).

Waste management standards

  • provide the guides, practices, and test methods pertinent to the process of handling residential, commercial, and industrial wastes.

Electrical standards

  • outline approved codes of practice
  • prevent electrical injuries by promoting good practice in the design, use and maintenance of electrical systems

Waste standards for electricals and electronics

Waste standards specifically designed for abandoned electronics and electricals offer guidelines for recovery and recycling. Standards help your organisation:

  • define appropriate requirements for measuring and reporting on ewaste to provide the right amount and details about your ewaste;
  • classify end of life products and rare earth industrial waste to ensure they are recycled sustainably;
  • contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals

Product sheet

  • Any electronic or electrical waste in your company's possession must be managed in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations.
  • Use this tool to set and maintain a level of standards around your company's abandoned electronic waste
  • legal, regulatory and policy frameworks
  • review of management systems
  • actions for continuous improvement of design and implementation
  • guidance for legal and regulatory frameworks (including minimum standards and implementation)
  • regular monitoring and control

How it works

  1. Navigate to one of the marketplaces (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  2. Find the product: eWaste Standards Tool
    1. Select the "subscribe" button
    2. Add your payment details and
    3. Agree to the contract
  3. Login
    1. Copy the username and temporary password
    2. Log in to the portal with the username and password
    3. Update your password and email address
  4. Describe the concern you have
  5. View the recommended standards