eWaste tech

eWaste technologies are solutions that address the management of electronic and elecrical waste. Examples of MobiCycle's eWaste tech solutions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Electronic Advisor educates your employees about electronic waste

  • eWaste APIs provide data on electronic waste

  • eWaste Classifiers provide waste codes to assign your ewaste to the correct category

  • eWaste Record is a blockchain solution to track the ownership and warranty information of electronics

  • MobiBin containers hold electronic waste

  • WEEEDU is a game in which players fix electronics before they explode, (also available in Mixed Reality)

  • Where are WEEE? gps trackers share your ewaste's journey once it leaves your facility

emerging tech

MobiCycle's emerging tech solutions help developers and agile teams be more productive; e.g.,:

  • Charity Be Sure makes donations to charities transparent

  • Conversational Robot Prototype(in VR) gives customers an indication of how your robot will look, behave and talk to you - prior to building the final version. Offered in virtual reality.

  • Fortunes is an API that summarises supplier diversity programmes in the Fortune 500

  • Graph Dialog Manager(GDM) helps chatbot developers control the flow of the conversation - while updating their graph databases - in real time!

  • Voice on Device adds conversational capabilities to your products