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solutions by AWS (amazon web services)


  • Certified AWS Associate in DevOps
  • Delivering Infrastructure Software and DevOps via Amazon Machine Image, CloudFormation, Container
  • 9+ years of hand-on work experience in Linux/UNIX and Database System Administration in cloud and physical infrastructure
  • 4+ years of experience in designing scalable, elastic, resilient and fault tolerant systems on AWS platform
  • Kubernetes (K8s) cluster, Jenkins (CI / CD), Ansible (automation deployment), Kops, Terraform, Grafana, Prometheus, helm


  • Certified AWS Associate Solutions Architect & AWS Alexa Specialist, AWS Business & Technical Accredited
  • Delivering Business Applications, Machine Learning, Data Products, IoT, Industry solutions via SaaS, CloudFormation, SageMaker, Container, Private AMI
  • 7+ years of experience designing and building distributed applications on AWS, Azure, and GCP in Nodejs, Python, Golang, C++
  • 5+ years of hand-on work experience in Conversational AI (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Bot Framework).


  • Certified AWS Cloud Practitioner, AWS Business Accredited
  • 2+ years of hand-on work experience in Front end development and RESTful API Design or maintenance.
  • 2+ years of experience in Python, Flask, Django, Git, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL, HTTP requests, JSON.
  • Knowledge of debugging


  • AWS Cloud Practitioner - certification pending
  • Professional Engineer (license not active), MSc, BSc Eng.
  • 20+ years developing specifications for machinery and equipment
  • 4+ years experience in design of machinery


  • AWS Business Prof - accredidation pending
  • 15+ years of experience producing work funded, screened, licensed and/or distributed by major exhibitors and outlets including Sundance, Toronto Intl Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, Museum of Modern Art, Fox Searchlight, HBO + HBO Latino, Sony Music, Saatchi + Saatchi, Publicis and others
  • Coordinated song production, The Miseduation of Lauryn Hill
  • Winner, International Grammy